Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why should we care about future generation ?

Why should we care about future generation ?

Why should we care about future generation ? , its a question that every person is asking himself to . According to biologist David W. Ehrenfeld , he is saying that we should care about the future generation to help them to deal with the problems that they will face , he added that if our ancestors had left for us the ecological devastation we wont be able to live an easy life and our chance to live the next day will be very few . Another question that we are wondring about " What can future generation do for us ? " Ehrenfeld gives the following answer: “They give us a reason for treating our ecological home respectfully, so that our lives as well as theirs will be enriched. They can project back to us a vision of desperation, futility, the end of hope and life, a vision that will plague our remaining days if we act so as to fulfill that vision by continuing to degrade the planet.” . 

What i think ( My opinion )

I agree with Ehrenfeld and i think that we should care for the next generation to repay our ancestors who helped to provide a comfortable environment for us .

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Blog is talking about !!

About my blog

My focus statment to my ECART project is " Our legacy to future generation is to prepare a good environment for them so that they live a good life " . I choose this topic because the evrironment is the most important thing to the future generations , if the environment is affect it will affect our health and life .
In my blog i will be talking about the environment in the past and the present , and what is the problems that we are facing and how can we solve it so that the future dosent face them too . I will also talk about why should we care about the future generation ?!

Wish you enjoy it

Problems and ways to solve them

The Ozone layer

It's a small part of the stratospherer that is very important because its prevents a lot of the sun's dangerous rays from reaching us . This rays can give us skin cancer and destroy plankton . In 1980 it was discovered that the ozone layer have a hole . It was believed that the CFCs gases are the responsible for destroying the ozone layer and even though it was their atmospheric lifetime will continue until the sun broke it . We can help to decrease this problem by telling the people who are getting rid of an old fridge that CFCs cannot be recycled . The new fridges do not contain CFCs .

The greenhouse effects

Some gases like Carcon dioxide , Methane and Nitrous oxide are allowing sunlight through to heat the earth's surface and other heat radiates back into space . Because of man's activities a great amount of heat are reflected back to earth , and that's causing an increasing in the world temperatures.
We can help to decrease this problem by dont waste in using electricity because they are produced by burning coal and that's gives off Carbon bioxide . We can walk or using bikes instead of using cars because it are producing Carbon dioxide . Recycling is the best way for keeping our environment safe .

Endangered Habitats and their Wildlife

Wild habitats are disappearing , forests are cutted down , rivers been polluted and the destruction seems endless . This problem is the main reason for many species to be extinction . If this problem complete increasing species will disssapeared from the earth forever .
We can help to decrease the spread of this problem by stop buying things that are made from animal's part of body , also we should try to reduce our " Carbon footpring " because it's putting the environment indanger .

Problems and ways to solve them


Alot of species are living in rain forests and every year 50000 species becoming extinet . Rainforests are important too us because it provides us with oxygen and help to regulate the worl's climate . Because of deforestation we won't be able to get fresh air same as before , but we can do things to help decreasing this problem , stop buying items that made of wood because we can replace it with something else .


Pollution is increasing every where , all the world are affected by this problem and it also affect on our health . Air , water and land are all affected in regative way , but we can help to make our environment clean ! we can use less energy and less using cars because they are polluting the air , also we can buy " Environmentally-Friendly " items that dont pollute the environment .

Problems and ways to solve it


Waste is one of the threats to our environment and we as humans create huge amounts rubbish in everyday . We try to dispose of them by burning them in incinerators . But that dosen't make them dissapear but puts our environment in danger . Our rabbish can be used again so we can recycle it instead of trying to think about where to put it .
Some ideas that can help us :
- Sort out owr rubbish , left over food and tea leaves can be used as a good natural fertiliser for the plants .
- Use recycled paper to help save trees , so that we dont have to cut down the trees to have paper .
- Take the clothes that we dont want to charity shop because they can recycle them or give them to needy people .
- Avoid buying plastic because it's hard to recycle it .
- Stop buying over-packed goods , because they have plastic and paper around them that we dont need .

Environmental problems and ways to solve it

How can we help protect the environment for the next generation ?

We all know that people are the reason behind the environmental problems we are facing .We should worry for our future and solve the problems or at least reduce their effects .
We all can help to slow down or reverse the damage of the problems , we should take action . We all should be responsible because we are the one to blame , and we should use natural resources without depleting them . All we should do is keep the world in a good condition for the future generations fo they can live and use the same resources .

The Environment Past and Present

The Environment Past and Present

The environment was affected by the needs of human beings . In the past , the number of the population was less and the nature was keeping the equilibrium . There was a lot of trees and greenly places m and the fresh oxygen was in every where . However , when the population start increasing , they destroyed every thing !! . They yielded places to build towns . The oxygen became less and the percentage of the diseases has rised . Not just that but men started using gases that pollute the streams and rivers . The increasing of the automobiles and other things had done a great harm to the populace . Man's excess of using in plastic and uncontrolled habit of throwing rubbish had made the problem even worse . If we didn't restore the nature and return it green and clean , and controlled the pollution , things will get more harmful and that can make the world destroying in the future .